E-Book: Brain, Body & Being, Five Secrets for Achieving Authentic Health & Happiness
Brain, Body & Being™ is an interactive, informative and inspiring e-book, based on the blog series by Dr. Jay Kumar, a leading expert in the fields of health, happiness and personal transformation.

Brain, Body & Being™ can allow you to feel younger, be happier and live longer. Thousands of books hype the latest way to lose weight, firm your abs and get rich. The implication is that shedding pounds, toning muscles and fattening your bank account will make one happy. So, how is this book on how to get healthy and happy any different?

For starters, this book is based on the premise that what you think, how you feel and even how you breathe have a greater impact on the quality of your health and happiness than any workout, vitamin or diet.

Not only is this a timeless truth advanced by many of the spiritual traditions, it’s now also cutting-edge science!
Brain, Body & Being™ provides a 21st century model to experience health & happiness that integrates the revelatory insights of cutting-edge neuroscience and timeless spiritual wisdom.

More important, Brain, Body & Being™ translates these insights into easy-to-follow steps that make it possible for us to feel fit, present and alive.

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