Lesson 3: Suffering Is a Dissatisfied Brain

Your disciplined brain is your happy brain. This is a truth revealed by an ever-expanding body of scientific research. It’s a truth that exposes the secret to happiness. It’s a revolutionary discovery that counters conventional wisdom. Happiness doesn’t depend on achieving certain arbitrary milestones like wealth or status, awards or job titles. In fact, the opposite is true. Happiness is an ongoing state of mind, a way of thinking necessary for sustained success.

All the latest findings in neuroscience suggest that the brain can change and adapt. When you consciously change your thoughts and shift the focus of your attention, you physically change your brain—and your life!

These amazing features include:

  • neuroplasticity (the ability for the brain to adapt and rewire itself)
  • mirror neurons (systems in the brain that allow for empathy and compassion)
  • the brain’s H-Spot™ (the brain’s happiness area)

Discover how society programs you to perpetuate suffering and what actions you can take to stop it.

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